Bed Wetting or Enuresis
Child health has assumed great significance in all over world. Its importance is being realized more and more by pediatricians and general public in developing as well as developed countries. Enuresis is defined as the voluntary or involuntary repeated discharge of urine into clothes or bed after a developmental age when bladder control should be established.

In Ayurvedic classics, the brief description regarding Shayyamutra is found in Sharangadhara1 and Vangasena Samhita2. In this disease mainly Vata (Apan Vayu), Pitta (Pachaka), Kapha (Tarpaka), alonga with Manasika dosha tama are involved (vitiated). Dushya involved is Rasa (Ambu) dhatu. Vitiation of Mutravaha andManovaha srotas is found in the form of untimely and increased fequency of urine at night.

Enuresis is a behavioural problem and the most common chronic problem in childhood next to allergic disorders. Children are not considered enuresis until they have reached 5 years of age and this behaviour is clinically significant as manifested by either a frequency of at least twice a week for three consecutive months or the presence of clinically significant distress in social academic or other important areas of child's functioning.The prevalence of enuresis is about 15-25% of children at 5 years of age, 8% of 12 years old boys and 4% of 12 years old girls, only 1-3% of adolescent are still wetting their bed. Boys suffer more often than girls because girls typically achieve each milestones before boys.

Sattvavajaya Chikitsa in Shayyamutra

  • Complaints not be discussed in front of other people.
  • Appreciate (mental boost up) if bedwetting frequency decreased for e.g. from 3 to 1 etc.
  • Mental and physical stress shouldn’t be given to child on bedwetting.
  • To console the child that it is psychological process and can be cured easily.

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