Diseases We Treat

We provide help for patients of various disease .According to ayurveda disease is a state in which both body and mind suffer from pain, misery and injury.
Perhaps Ayurveda is the only science which cares about mind of the patient also.

There are number of ways you can easily contact us .we will quickly help to diagnose your health issue and decide the right method of treatment.

List of Diseases

  A     F     N
Acid Reflux   Fatigue   Nocturnal Emissions
Ankylosing Spondylitis   Frigidity    
Anorexia   Fibromyalgia     O
AIDS   Flatulence    Obesity
Allergic Rhinitis       Osteoarthritis
Allergies     G   Oligospermia
Angina Pectoris   Gall Stone    
Acne   Gout     P
Asthma   Goiter   Parkinson's Disease
Azzospermia   Gonorrhoea   Paranoia
Anxiety Disorder       Poliomyelitis
Alternatives for HRT     H   Psychosis
Amenorrhoea   High Cholesterol   Pleurisy
Atyartava   Hysteria   Premature Ejaculation
    Headache   Psoriasis
  B   Hair Loss & Premature Graying   Pregnancy Disorders
Bronchial Asthma   Hyperacidity   Premenstrual Syndrome
Bipolar Disease   Hyperthyroidism   Piles
Bronchitis   Halitosis   Pyorrhoea
  C   Hypothyroidism     R
Childhood Asthma       Renal Failure
Cataract     I   Rhematoid Arthritis
Chronic Laryngitis   Interstitial Cystitis    
Cancer   Influenza     S
Conjunctivitis   Infertility   Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
Coeliac Disease   Ischaemic Heart Disease   Syphilis
Cervical Spondylosis   Insomnia   Schizophrenia
Chronic Gastritis   Irritable Bowel Syndrome   Sinusitis
Chronic fatigue Syndrome       Senile Deafness
Cystitis, Uretritis & Prostatitis     J   Stye
Chronic Rhinits   Jaundice   Sciatica
      K     T
  D   Kidney Stone   Tonsillitis
Dandruff   Kidney & Urinary Infections   Tinea (Ring worm)
Dysphagia     L     U
Dyspepsia   Leucoderma   Urticaria/Hives
Diverticulitis   Leucorrhoea   Ulcerative Colitis
Diabetes Mellitus       Urinary tract infection
  E   Multiple Sclerosis     V
Esophageal Hiatus Hernia   Menstrual Problems   Vitiligo
Epilepsies   Miscarriage    
Epistaxis   Menopause    
Eczema   Myopia    
Eosinophilia   Migraine    
Erectile Dysfunctions   Major Depressive Illness    


Life Style Rehabilitation
Uretral Stricture Consultation
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